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As a child, growing up in wild woody jungles and in mountain regions, where one had to continuously fight against the encroachment of the wild woods trying to take over one’s gardens, I noticed that some plants grew only in our gardens, while others grew only in the woods.
One such garden plant was the Aloe Vera, which was a must on every gardener’s gardening list. It was always grown in a sunny area, outside the kitchen, and watered once every four or five days, or when one remembered to water it. This green plant was not very attractive to someone who liked flowers around them in their strictly regimented and well disciplined borders and beds. But it was extremely attractive to all those who wanted to know all about the medicinal qualities of this bitter tasting mucilaginous succulent. Also, it did not need lots of fussing to grow. Once it was planted, it flourished as an everlasting perennial
Aloe Vera has been used for millenniums in ancient medicine recipes and remedies, down the ages and in different ancient civilizations. There was a time when it was supposed to grow over large areas in the wild in North Africa, Morocco and other regions around the Sahara desert region, which was once covered with green forests. But as the now desert area began to dry, this plant started dying out in the wild.
Every ancient civilization’s medical teachers would tell their students, “Do not underestimate the power of the humble Aloe Vera, my son, because this plant under your kitchen window is going to keep you and your family healthy. Your children shall never suffer from any grave disease internally or externally, your wife shall remain everlastingly beautiful and you shall live a happy and prosperous life, as long as you know all about the benefits of this magical plant.” No wonder, it was considered to be a wonder plant by ancient herbalists and medicine men.
Women knew all about its skin rejuvenating quantities millenniums ago, and I am sure that any ancient Egyptian queen would have told her tire woman – are you making up a skin beautifying remedy for me, with asses milk and spices and attar of roses? Add some Aloe Vera to it so that I may look like a goddess for mankind to worship.” Cleopatra did that and so did Nefertiti.
This book is going to tell you all about the magic of aloe Vera, its beneficial health and beauty properties, the use of Aloe Vera in ancient medicine, and also how you can use it in cooking.

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A noted political strategist, Dick Morris has created winning strategies for numerous presidential campaigns in the U.S. and abroad. In this book he lays out a war plan, one the Republican nominee must use to prevent her victory:

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Republicans need to stop playing by the old rules of the game. Those rules don’t work—they elected Barack Obama twice. Obama has changed America in fundamental ways and Morris posits that Hillary’s opponents need to grasp this and implement a strategy that can finally defeat her.